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The Canadian Heraldic Authority's principal objective is to ensure that all Canadians who wish to use heraldry will have access to it. It also encourages good heraldic practice in Canada by working to the highest standards of the art form and by developing research and registration procedures that are consistent with an international level of excellence.

The Canadian Heraldic Authority is headed by His Excellency the Governor General and administered by several officers: the Herald Chancellor (who is the Secretary to the Governor General), the Deputy Herald Chancellor (who is the Deputy Secretary, Chancellery of Honours), and the Chief Herald of Canada (Director of Heraldry and the senior heraldic professional).



Blazon* of the Armorial Bearings

Arms (circle/shield): Gules issuant from the base an igloo proper, on a chief enarched Argent four pallets Azure.

Crest (above the shield): A Rock Ptarmigan proper charged on the wing with a quliq Gules inflamed proper.

Supporters: Two Canadian Inuit dogs (qummiq) holding in their dexter paw a snow knife (pana) and standing on tundra set with snow and purple Saxifrages proper.

Motto: WE SERVE OUR LAND (in Inuktitut).

Flag: Gules an igloo proper, adextre barry Azure and Argent.

Badge: A hurt charged with an igloo proper.

Source: Canadian Heraldry Authority, Grant, Nov. 15, 2013

  Description and Symbolism

Arms: The background colour of the circle is red. An igloo represented in its natural colours is emerging from the base. The upper part of the circle is blue with four white bends on it.

NCC Investment Group Inc. uses an igloo as their corporate logo. It is a common symbol of the Inuit and it is found in the Arms of Nunavut, where the Group is located. It symbolizes the community and the mission of the Group, which is to design, build and lease quality accommodation at a reasonable price. Red, white and blue are the corporate colours of the NCC Investment Group. The chief recalls Northern Lights. The number of white bends evokes the four Nunavut corporations that are part of the NCC Investment Group.


Crest: A Rock Ptarmigan in its natural colours is charged on the wing with a red quliq with flames in their natural colours.

The Rock Ptarmigan is the territorial bird of Nunavut. The quliq represents light and the warmth of family and the community, which are important to NCC Investment Group.


Supporters: Two Canadian Inuit dogs are standing on tundra set with snow and purple saxifrages. They are each holding a snow knife. Everything is in its natural colours.

The Canadian Inuit dog is the emblem of Nunavut. The snow knife is a tool used in the construction of igloos. The tundra with snow represent the geographical feature of Nunavut. The purple saxifrage is the provincial flower.

  * Blazon is the language of heraldry.  
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